Winter Hygge Collection

Thank you for your kind words and support! The Milky Way Series sold out, but I'm happy to make a custom piece just for you. Tap to request more information

Inspired by the colors of the season, Chris has created three beautiful color ways to celebrate the hygge way! With special quote cards, each piece in the collection makes a unique gift for loved ones. There are also some extra-special pieces that include a dated, numbered and signed card for your collection. 
Favorite Quilt is a modern take on traditional Danish embroidery in brilliant gold with grenadine red swirls. Chris uses a technique to swirl the enamel while it is still molten using a torch and special tool.
Sunshine & Snow is a fresh, seasonal take on our signature Colorful You enameling designs in gold and cream. Pieces in the Sunshine & Snow color way have a special surprise on the reversible backs.
Winter Sky is a magical mix of the blues and golds in a winter sunset topped with just the right amount of snow. Two of the pieces have an extra personal touch of a hand painted Tree in Winter by Chris for your collection this year. 
We would like to extend a special thank you to Katie Silveira, of Iris Joy Photography, for her beautiful lifestyle photography for this collection.

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