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Amber: The Perfect Jewel for Fall

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Baltic Amber: Quintessential Fall!
Amber is rich honey, golden sunshine and russet leaves all rolled into one - the perfect 'stone' for fall! Naturally occurring, amber is fossilized resin from ancient conifer trees. Resin isn't tree sap, but rather, the substance trees will create to protect themselves, heal wounds and in some cases, repel and/or attract insects. As the resin fell to the forest floor, insects, leaf matter and other organisms would settle and, over time, the substance would harden and eventually become fossilized under pressure.

I purchased this beautiful Baltic amber ring, made in Latvia of 800 silver, and was drawn to the beauty not only of the jewel but of the artisan's crafting of the setting. It is a stunning piece of jewelry and looks wonderful with other fall colors as assembled here. This ring is available at VintageCravens here


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