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Make a Crochet Choker!

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Love those sweet crochet chokers that were all over the runways this fall? Here's a FREE crochet pattern to make one featuring a pretty Swarovski crystal! This tutorial assumes you have basic crochet abilities including chain, half-double and double crochet. For help with these basics, I recommend the Beginners Crochet Tutorials by Mikey of The Crochet Club. A basic working knowledge of jewelry making including the ability to attach a beaded headpin, crimp end caps and cut wire is also necessary.


Free Crochet Pattern for Crochet Choker with Bead


We will be making a crochet necklace with a pretty scallop pattern in the following steps. First, we will make the crochet piece in your desired length (most chokers range in length from 12 to 15 inches). After blocking the crochet piece, we will make a pretty bead pendant, add a dangle to a piece of extender chain, then assemble the findings onto the crochet piece to finish the choker. 


Tools and Supplies

You will need the following tools and supplies for your choker: 

Supplies for Crochet Choker

Jewelry Tools: 

  • Tube of e6000 or jewelry grade adhesive 
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Jewelry Findings (in your choice of finish):

  • 2 - 5mm jump rings
  • 2 - 7mm end crimps (I purchased mine from Erin at LythaStudios)
  • 2 - headpins
  • 1 - lobster clasp
  • 1 - 8mm Swarovski crystal (or bead of your choice) 
  • 1 - bead cap 

Crochet Tools and Supplies: 

  • 2.35mm hook (My hands have trouble with tiny hooks, so I bought a custom wood turned set with my favorite Susan Bates hooks from Too Shay Crochet - well worth the small investment)
  • #10 Crochet Thread in your choice of color (I used Knit Picks 'Curio' thread in Black) 
  • A foam blocking pad or cardboard
  • Rust-proof pins 

      Crochet Steps

      Now that you've gotten supplies together, it's time to crochet! I used the simple repeat pattern for my choker shown in the chart below (don't worry - we'll walk through this together :). 

      • SC = Single Crochet
      • HDC = Half Double Crochet
      • DC = Double Crochet
      • CH = Chain

      Crochet Chart for Crochet Choker

      1. The first step is deciding whether to create a piece with or without an extender chain. If you're making this with an extender chain, I recommend making a finished crochet piece that is 12" long (this would be 12-1/2" as the desired length). If you're wanting an exact fit without an extender, use a piece of crochet thread to measure your neck, then add 1/2 inch to this amount (the crochet piece will shrink as stitches are made). 
      2. Make a slip knot and crochet a chain in multiples of 6 stitches plus 4 extra stitches to your desired length.
      3. Start the Repeat Pattern in the second CH from the hook as (SC in next 3 CH, HDC in next CH, DC in next CH, HDC in next CH).
      4. Make the Repeat Pattern (SC in next 3 CH, HDC in next CH, DC in next CH, HDC in next CH) to the last 3 CH. 
      5. SC in last 3 CH, bind off. 


      Your finished crochet piece will probably look like mine did: a BIG MESS! 

      Unblocked Crochet Choker


      This is completely normal for most crochet work, especially when using thread. You can make your necklace at this point, but I highly recommend blocking. To do this, simply spritz your choker lightly with warm water, then roll it in a towel to remove excess moisture. Reshape your piece onto a foam block or a piece of thick cardboard and tack with rust-proof pins as shown below. Let dry several hours or overnight.

      Block a Crochet Choker



      Make Findings and Assemble Necklace

      1. Decide which side of the crochet piece will be facing outward. Crochet stitches have a different look on both sides, both are attractive. Add a crimp to each end of the crochet piece after it is blocked and dried being sure to face the folded ends toward the back of the piece so they don't show when worn. I like to add a small amount of E6000 (or other jewelers cement) to the piece before setting in in the crimp to ensure it doesn't come out. 
      2. If you are adding an extender chain, cut it to a length of 2-1/2". Then, thread a small spacer or seed bead onto a head pin and attach it to one end of the chain. Use a jump ring to add the extender chain to one end of the necklace (or simply add a jump ring to one end of the necklace if not using an extender). 
      3. Use a jump ring to connect the clasp to the opposite end of the choker. 
      4. Thread the bead and cap onto a headpin, then start forming a loop for wire wrapping. Thread the headpin through a point on the crochet piece near the center, then complete wrapping of the bead to secure it and cut the excess wire. 


      Make a Crochet Choker




      And now comes the fun part - your simple crochet choker is finished and ready to wear! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and would love to see your projects. 

      Have a great day!



      Make a Simple Crochet Choker

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        • Marica Zammit: December 03, 2016

          Great tutorial Chris! :-)

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