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Necklace Holder DIY

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Love antiques and jewelry? Check out this easy necklace holder DIY that keeps your vintage cheese box in tact AND makes it cute for displaying your favorite jewelry!

 Necklace Holder DIY

The basic premise behind this adorable necklace holder is to create a removable backing with your favorite material. With a few tools and supplies, you'll have your vintage necklace holder finished in a little under 20 minutes and ready to use in a few hours. Scroll down for instructions and materials list. 


Necklace Display Tools

Tools Needed

  • Ruler with a t-square
  • Pen/pencil
  • Box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Small hammer
  • Supplies Needed
  • Cheese box
  • Cardboard slightly larger than bottom of your cheese box (I used a flap from a shipment box)
  • Aileen's Tacky Glue (this is my favorite for fabric, but any good fabric glue will do) 
  • Fat quarter of your favorite cotton quilt material (or a scrap larger than 1" around your cheese box) 
  • Small tacks

Cut Cardboard for Necklace Display

Steps to Cut Cardboard Backer

  1. Set box on top of cardboard lining up one side and top edge, then draw a line around the bottom of the box onto the cardboard.
  2. Take a measurement of the width of the wood forming the sides of your box in millimeters. 
  3. Add 2-3 millimeters to this measurement and draw a line inside the original sketch you made.
  4. Cut along this line to create your backing material. 

Test Backer for Necklace Holder

The last step for cutting the cardboard backer is to test it. You should see a little bit of space around the cardboard when setting it inside the box and it should be easy to remove. Trim excess as needed. 


Glue Fabric for Necklace Display

Steps to Add Material to Necklace Holder

  1. Lay the cardboard backer on top of the reverse side of fabric, then draw a line 1-2 centimeters wider than the cardboard. The goal is to add enough fabric to the panel allowing it to fold over the edges, but not too much which will cause issues when gluing.
  2. Fold over and glue the short ends of the fabric to the short ends of the cardboard backer, then press gently to set the fabric in place. 
  3. Place a small amount of glue in between the folded fabric hanging over the edge and the long side, then press together. This will help make a nice fold when gluing the long side. 
  4. Fold over and glue the long ends of the fabric to the long sides of the cardboard backer, then press gently to set the fabric in place. 
  5. Flip the piece over to check appearance and adjust as necessary. Let dry before placing in box. 

Add Tacks to Jewelry Holder

Turn the box over and add a few tacks to one short side. These will be used to hold the necklace and provide options to adjust the length. Using the measurement taken of the short side, place the tack halfway between and gently hammer. Most vintage and antique boxes have nicks and holes from use. Should you decide to remove the tacks and use your box in another way, simply remove them with the claw side of the hammer and fill with wood putty, if desired. 


Cheese Box Necklace Stand

Now comes the fun part! Simply place your pretty fabric covered cardboard backer into the bottom of the box, grab your favorite necklace and enjoy! Or, leave the backer out depending on your mood :)



Jewelry Display DIY

These sweet little boxes look great in groups - why stop at just one?!?!?

Have a great day!


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