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Jewelry Styling Tips for a Scoop Neck Top

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Selecting a Necklace for a Scoop Neck Top

Have you ever wondered why certain necklaces look better with your favorite scoop neck top than others? Here's the answer! With the way a scoop neck is cut, a rounded swath of skin on the chest plus your neck equals a beautiful frame to display jewelry within. Here is a simple scoop neck knit top from my capsule wardrobe. This top is one of my favorites because of its neutral color plus I can wear it alone or as a layer under sweaters and jackets. She's a veritable workhorse! 

The best choices of necklaces for this neckline include large, bib style statement necklaces and pendants:

Bib Necklaces and Pendant Necklaces


Sometimes, minimalist jewelry styles can be worn with this cut, however, they may get lost in the 'frame' the top provides. Select minimalist style jewelry with pretty components and features that catch the eye like a pretty crystal or pearl.

This necklace is a good choice, but would be better in a mid-length that would be more centered within the 'frame.'

Minimalist Choker Necklace


One style of necklace to stay away from with this cut includes long pendant necklaces or those which trail below the bottom of the scoop. When thinking about the 'frame,' this would be like a beautiful painting on the wall with something hanging below the bottom. An exception might be several necklaces as a stack, however, to save some time in the morning,

it might be easier to just forego this choice: 

Long Necklaces 


I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into why certain necklaces work with neckline styles. I've put together a helpful and FREE guide for you with 11 more styles and a handy reference card for your closet. Check it out here



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