Hands Against Hunger

Through our support of Hands Against Hunger, every product you purchase provides a nutritious meal to at least five kids for a day with the proceeds 10 Gables donates. The number of children hurt by hunger and malnutrition is staggering. Nearly 30,000 precious little ones perish daily around the globe and millions of orphans and children in foster care are in need of hope.

In light of these overwhelming numbers, Larry and Elizabeth Bergeron took a leap of faith and founded A Child’s Hope International, the non-profit parent of Hands Against Hunger, to help these kids through adoption, foster care and humanitarian relief. Based in Cincinnati, OH, Hands Against Hunger provides over 10,000 meals and God’s message of hope annually to orphanages and organizations dedicated to providing hope to children around the globe.

So, how do 10,000 meals get packed and shipped every year? By people like you and me! Hands Against Hunger uses a recipe developed by food scientists to give an easily digestible blend of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins desperately needed by a malnourished child’s system. By relying on volunteers for packing and donations for food supplies, Hands Against Hunger is able to maintain one of the lowest expense margins of all non-profits. Learn more about Hands Against Hunger and their parent organization, A Child’s Hope International, and how you can help.