Intro to Enameling: FREE Tutorials!

Want to try enameling, but don't have access to a class in your area? I've put together an Intro to Enameling series just for you! 


With these free enameling tutorials, you'll get everything you need to: 

  • Set up a fully functioning enameling workshop for torch fired enamels
  • Understand the basics of enameling
  • Apply three different ways of enameling to your projects to achieve beautiful results!


Download a printable list of the supplies & tools you'll need here. Tools and supplies are covered in Video 1, so be sure to watch it to understand this list. 


Video 1: Overview (Tools & Tips for the Beginning Enameler) 



Coming soon! Video 2: Sifting (Your First Project) 




Coming soon! Video 3: Wet Packing (Adding Detail to Enamels)




Coming soon! Video 4: Sgraffito (Drawing with Negative Space)