Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Tip 1: Cleaning Copper Jewelry

Penny Bright is biodegradable citric acid-based cleanser formulated to clean copper kitchen ware. I love to use it to clean 10 Gables enamel jewelry and refresh the copper finish from time to time. It comes in a paste form with a sponge applicator. To use it, simply dampen the sponge if needed, then apply the paste to your copper jewelry and watch the patina dissolve away like magic! Rinse with warm water and dry promptly with a soft cloth to avoid water spots. I’ve had my jar of Penny Brite for almost 2 years and it still works great. Note: if you have a piece of copper jewelry that has been sealed, Penny Bright may not work to clean the patina and/or it may destroy the sealant applied. Most 10 Gables pieces are buffed, but not sealed unless described otherwise in a listing.

Tip 2: Cleaning Silver Jewelry

To clean sterling and fine silver jewelry, my favorite easy-to-use method is the Sunshine Polishing Cloth. It is embedded with jewelry polish and brightens the finish so well. Using a clean portion of the cloth, simply rub your sterling silver jewelry to remove tarnish and restore its lustrous sheen. The polishing cloth also leaves a light layer of protectant on your jewelry to keep it clean. I also like to run Sunshine Polishing Cloths over copper that I’ve cleaned with Penny Bright to help seal the piece a little bit.

Tip 3: Storing Jewelry


After cleaning jewelry, knowing how to store your pretty pieces can help extend their life and reduce tarnish recurring. My favorite product to store with jewelry are 3M Anti-tarnish Paper Tabs. They work beautifully in heavy plastic zip bags (this is how I store finished pieces for shows and also in my own jewelry boxes) and also tucked inside a jewelry box.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article with DIY jewelry care tips and would love to hear about your favorite products, too!


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