Splash & Ripple

The smallest decision followed by action can echo through the lives around us and eternity in profound ways. What choices will you make today?

sterling silver necklace on fossil specimen


Splash and Ripple is inspired by a gentle soul who is one of the most intentionally caring people I have the pleasure of knowing. Through her small acts of kindness, generosity, and tireless service, she impacts the lives of so many around her in profound ways. Jenny: thank you for being my friend.


chasing and repousse necklace with moss agate


Splash and Ripple was made using ancient metal working techniques. Repousse raised the metal from the back and chasing was used to compress valleys and refine lines on the front. Thousands of hammer strokes were used to make the main portion of this sterling silver necklace.


The sterling silver necklace is centered around a beautiful purple moss agate. The lines in this stone were waiting for something special. It was the beginning of the design for Splash and Ripple. A nephrite jade splashes into the water and tourmalines tumble in the ripples. Venus Jasper beads were used for the chain with a hand forged sterling silver hook clasp. 

purple necklace on antique books


Finally, I used a jeweler's saw to pierce wave chicanes and splashes onto the back of the piece. 

sterling silver and jasper necklace back


I am honored to be a part of the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati's 130th Juried Exhibition & Sale. Learn more about the event and the club here (link). This piece won the Diana S. Taylor Award. This award is in honor of WACC's past President, Foundation Director, and artist who was an oil painter of still lifes and landscapes. I am beyond humbled by this knowing that I'm now part of WACC's history and have been chosen to receive this award. 

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