About 10 Gables classes

⇒ 10 Gables Workshops are 2-4 hour long experiences designed to teach basic enameling and jewelry making skills. Class sizes are kept very small so we can keep the focus where it needs to be: YOU! My goal is to create a welcoming place for you to explore the ancient fire art of enameling, jewelry fabrication, and to make memories along the way.

⇒ Workshops are held in our barn loft. There are 2 flights of stairs to get to the space. Tap here to contact me if this is an issue and I will do my best to make alternate arrangements for you.

⇒ Workshops are suitable for adults and children ages 13+. Tap here to contact me if you would like to bring a younger child to participate.

⇒ Our barn is an ambient air space. We use fans in the summer to keep air moving and space heaters in the winter to keep the chill at bay.

⇒ Masks are optional as are vaccines. I will not be wearing a mask.